Sacred Laser

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“I booked in to have a consult with Briar for tattoo removal and the whole process was thoroughly explained along with cost, approx length of time to have tattoos removed and what to expect. The pain was no where near as bad as people had told me and the whole process is SO quick. I am getting 4 tattoos removed and am in and out in less than 30 minutes.”

– Julia M


“If you are thinking about having laser removal I can’t recommend this place enough!! I was clearly talked through the process and Briar was so helpful and caring! I was super nervous about the pain but she made it a positive experience . I’m only half way through my treatment but have had major results :)”

– Phoebe Watt


“I had quite a bad “blowout” on one of my tattoos (heavy handedness from a previous tattoo artist allowed the needle to go too deep into the skin which made the ink to spread to neighbouring tissue). It ruined my tattoo – but ONE removal treatment from the lovely woman there (I think her name is Marion) has made a huge difference already. So pleased with the results. Totally recommend this place. It is great.”

– Carla Houkamau

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