Sacred Laser

At Sacred Laser our qualified technicians have experienced both sides of being tattooed and having laser tattoo removal or lightening. We consider each project with the understanding and expertise gained from 20 years of experience in the tattoo industry. We are excited to bring the best possible laser removal and lightening technology to New Zealand. Our Cynosure Medlite C6 is the gold standard of effective laser removal and we have now added the Picosure picosecond laser to specifically targets difficult colours — this the most advanced technology on the market.

New Zealand has unfortunately had a poor history of tattoo removal, with clinics using sub-standard equipment and not having sufficient understanding of the tattoo process and how it has evolved over the last decade. Many promise big but deliver little, and in some cases actually cause damage in the process. Sacred Laser are here to set this straight. We are obviously closely associated with Sacred Tattoo, which means that we understand the needs of our clients whether it be full removal or just lightening with minimal treatments to start a successful cover-up.

Sometimes, as few as two sessions will remove enough of the black that a new tattoo can be easily done without having to go larger. Regardless of whether you are a client of Sacred Tattoo or another studio, we can provide the guidance which best suits each scenario and can even work with your tattooer to make the removal or lightening process more efficient. So whether it be full removal or lightening a tattoo for a cover-up, we have the expertise and equipment to provide the best possible results available in New Zealand.

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